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For millennia, humans have practiced architecture and design fundamentally as theater, a self-conscious performance translating the psyche into scenery. As a reflection of our inner world, we interact with physical environment to inform lifestyle, and adapt surroundings to suit ever-changing desires. For a space to speak to the psyche of its inhabitants is not a luxury, it is a human need. 

Atelier & Co. is a design studio creating buildings, interiors, art, and objects. Here, an architect is an artist viscerally rendering imagination onto paper, and converting line into three-dimensional form. Hand-drawing and painting are the rigorous and intimate tools that communicate the yet intangible space, and allow consideration for each meticulous detail, committing them to memory. Digital techniques complement our artistry as we pull from an extensive understanding of design history and culture to create original works. 

This fusion of technique and knowledge grants us our agility in serving a wide range of clients and design needs, either as an individual organization or through collaboration. Whether we act as conductor or first-chair artisan, we execute our role within the orchestra to produce a single masterpiece combining comfort with beauty, reaching the highest level of quality. 

Working closely with dedicated clients, we push their boundaries and ignite their imagination. We revere the past in order to appreciate the present, and merge academia with intuition. The results are well-informed risks that challenge beliefs and celebrate the idiosyncrasies of the characters as they play out their story.