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A well-known film director commissioned this master-plan for a 130 acre estate in the countryside near Philadelphia. The existing 20,000 square foot house was completely transformed and a new 10,000 square foot gatehouse was added to the original house, creating a series of courtyards. 

An ambitious landscape plan was created including formal lawns, secret gardens, and large-scale outdoor rooms. The interiors include a large double-height library, secret billiard room, large family kitchen, and full movie theater. The project was featured in Architectural Digest in May 2012. 

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Ravenwood was designed by Richard Cameron and Jason Grimes for Ariel, the Art of Building; Construction performed and supervised by the I. Grace Company Commissioned Private Residences, Inc. Landscape design by Barbara Paca of Preservation Green, LLC. Decorated by David Kleinberg Design Associates.